Animations & Motion Graphics

We bring brands to life with <a href="">creative 3D animation & motion design</a>.

With our substantial in-house motion graphics department, we are at the very forefront of the industry. The versatility and impact that can be gained with the correct use of high-end motion graphics ensure that any subject or product can be captivating and engage for the viewer. Producing motion graphics for some of the largest and most prestigious brands in the world inspires us to create the very best work possible.

Motion graphics has a strong emphasis on design, which means every video we produce is not only meticulously brand-focused but also beautiful to watch. Each and every one of the motion designers here at Stocktoc hails from a graphic design background with an in-depth knowledge of typography, color theory, image manipulation, visual effects, and storytelling. It’s this level of skill and understanding that ensures the very best end result.

Solutions in Animations And Motion Graphic Services

Motion Graphic Services

Stocktoc develops motion design for a range of products and purposes including advertising, film, investment pitches, and brand awareness. Techniques at our disposal include 2D and 3D motion graphics and motion tracking, and we use software such as After Effects and Cinema 4D to build your design. We sometimes even revert back to the classics of illustration and stop-motion animation – the style choice is yours.

Your brief and requirements run the project – whether that’s “We’re not really sure what we want, do you have any ideas?” or “We’ve already got a great design – could you help us animate it?”

Your branding and concept are important. We work with our clients to really understand their story and brand, and then have fun creating spectacular designs we know you’ll love – because we love them too.

3D Animations

3D animation brings depth, realism and engagement to video. This could mean full 3D character development, product visualisations, or text and 3D animated graphics for your latest corporate video.

Stocktoc love 3D because it gives us the opportunity to really get creative. We like to go all out when it comes to producing 3D animation – such as developing and molding shapes in real life using white tack, before photographing them to produce the 3D framework.

We construct inventive visuals using 3D-capture technology and software such as Cinema4D. Our in-house render farm allows us to provide on-site rendering for complex animations, photo-realistic product visualizations, and high-level visual effects. We can also use 3D techniques to create a 2D look, for an even bolder design.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are an effective way to outline to your customers what exactly you offer.  We create videos that our clients use to sell their products and services – videos that are eye-catching, engaging, and persuasive, whilst remaining on-brand and on-message.

Sometimes clients want help developing a concept and storyboard for their video, or perhaps you already have your story visualized and need engaging motion graphics to win your viewers over. At Stocktoc we use a combination of 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics and motion tracking to bring your vision to life. Whatever the idea, we can produce it.

Discuss your project with us. We can help you with a better approach.