Branding & Positioning

Build your brand with communication, design & strategy.

Strong brands are more profitable and increase company value. They enable you to command a premium, ensure customer preference in buying decisions, build customer loyalty which reduces the cost of sales and fend off competition.

Stocktoc helps businesses of all types and sizes, implement high impact sales and marketing activities reflecting strategic positioning criteria paired with cutting-edge creative and technological capabilities. We start from brand audit and offer services in brand consultancy, corporate branding, organizational branding, digital branding, consumer branding, branded environment, brand strategy, brand naming & tagline, and brand management.

From the initial idea to the final solution, our expertise ensures that we deliver projects of the highest quality with the best result for the client.

Brand Profiling & Equity

A business without customers in no longer a business. Branding is about winning and keeping customers. It’s about influencing choice.

Brand profiling and positioning is the process used to influence customer choice. It’s the system used to make your brand highly visible, different, memorable and much loved by your ideal target customer.

A strong brand makes it clear to both you and your customer what you have to offer and why that matters to them. The best brands create a special relationship with customers based on intangible qualities that evoke strong emotional responses in their customers.

These strong emotional responses are what get and keep customers. Brand profiling and positioning is the process used to attract your ideal customers and develop those strong emotional bonds. We use our Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ System to attract and keep your perfect customers because this is what builds highly visible, long lasting, profitable brands.

Branding involves a wide range of aspects but most importantly your brand is the cornerstone or foundation of your business. You start with your brand promise and it leads and drives your business to ensure an ongoing successful financial return.

Solutions With A Tailor-Made Approach

Brand Audit

A brand audit is effectively a health check of the brand to identify and address problems areas with a net result of helping you turn things around and grow your bottom line.

Corporate Branding

We provide solutions for developing company corporate branding, starting from their concept to applications and implementation.

Organizational Branding

Solution of organizational branding leads to communicate with inside the organization and outside.

Digital Branding

On screen – to form, launch and strengthen relationships between a brand and the users, it is web based and interactive.

Brand Packaging & Design

With any trip to supermarket, one can realize just how glutted the market is with competing brands.

Brand Style Guides

The logo and style guidelines help unify the brands communications and make them a clear, strong, consistent message at all touch points.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the action plan for putting the brand to work. The communications system that provides structure and guidance for all points of contact within a business, both internally and externally with the customer.

Brand Naming & Tagline

Solutions to developing company name and tagline, which is suitable for business and business nature emotionally and culturally.

Branded Environment

A visual identity that is formulated, tailored, constructed and apply to three-dimension physical space for variety of purpose.

Brand Management

Managing your brand includes providing specific instructions for the consistent use of materials, including logos, fonts, colours, photos, signatures, tag lines, media protocols, sales materials, and communications.

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