Broadcast And Channel Branding

Stocktoc purpose is to help TV channels to find their own extraordinary and matchless style.

At Stocktoc, our strength is derived from the unique combination of curiosity, innovative technology and a pragmatic yet passionate approach to solution design. It’s because of this that were recognized as leading innovators in the technological development of graphics creation, workflow, and data visualization solutions for news, sports, and Weather graphics.

We’re also keenly aware that changes to well established branding can have significant impact on our clients’ audiences. That is why on every rebrand project, we ensure that our relationship with our clients is a collaborative process in which our clients direct the vision and where we ensure the new brand exceeds their goals. We not only create an exceptional and outstanding design for our clients – we help them to build a long-term relationship with the viewer.

From network and station rebranding to election graphics packages to custom development for live productions, only Stocktoc can deliver a high performance solution, customized to your requirements, in a cost-effective manner.

Stocktoc is one of the very few studios with a unique experience of a full working cycle with on-air graphics: from the initial design of the concept to its technical implementation. We are engaged in both the development of identity and the internal design of the channel.

Solutions we provide in Broadcast and Channel Branding for TV Screen with Creative Approach

Screen Branding Solutions

  • Channel logo
  • News Tickers
  • News Package Branding
  • Program Graphics
  • Weather Graphics
  • Sports Graphics
  • Entertainment Graphics

Screen Idents Solutions

  • Channel Logo idents
  • Channel Main Ident
  • News Idents
  • Sports Idents
  • Weather Idents
  • Entertainment Idents
  • Program Idents

Screen Packaging Solutions

  • Breaking News Packaging and Animations
  • Lower Thirds Animations
  • Program Packaging and Animations
  • Special Graphics

Screen Event Branding

  • Election Graphics Branding
  • Greetings Day Branding
  • Sports Graphics

Promo Productions

  • Main Channel Promos
  • Personality Promos
  • News Promo Productions
  • Program Promo Productions
  • Event Day Promos

  • Discuss your project with us. We can help you with a better approach.