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Graphic Designing Course in Lahore

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graphic designing course in lahore



Develop the creative, technical, and design skills needed to launch your career in graphic designing

Most businesses will eventually need a graphic designer’s abilities. Professionals in this industry are highly appreciated for their capacity to convey information through visual elements and play an essential role in strengthening a brand’s visual identity. Now is a chance to learn the skill by taking the graphic designing course in Lahore.

Stocktoc will give you the practical abilities and creative know-how necessary in this graphic designing course to begin working in the field of graphic design through this online graphic designing course. You’ll master the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop under the guidance of a media specialist, as well as how to deal with design briefs, creative thinking, selection of imagery, and choosing appropriate typefaces to produce engaging material for both print and online platforms. You will learn more about the business of graphic design and how to build a professional portfolio while you develop your design skills and professional expertise.

Anyone interested in making graphic design a new career path should take this graphic designing course. The course material serves as an introduction to the topic and seeks to provide students with a solid ground in visual communication. This graphic gesigning course might also be helpful for those who want to brush up on their graphic design skills, take it from basic to intermediate level, and from intermediate to advanced level.


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What you will learn in
graphic designing course

Course Outline

Lecture - 01 > Introduction

Lecture - 02 > Basic Principles

Lecture - 03 > Basic Principles

Lecture - 04 > Typography

Lecture - 05 > Color Theory

Lecture-06 > Layout & Composition in Design

Lecture-07 > Learn Adobe Illustrator

Lecture-08 > Learn Adobe Illustrator

Lecture-09 > Typography in Adobe Illustrator

Lecture - 10 > Work with Colors in Adobe Illustrator

Lecture - 11 > Effects & Brushes in Adobe Illustrator

Lectures-12 > Learn Adobe Photoshop

Lectures-13 > Layers in Adobe Photoshop

Lecture - 14 > Working with Layer Styles & Modes

Lecture - 15 > Smart Object & Photo Treatment

Lecture - 16 > Basic Workflow & Brushes

Lecture - 17 > Project Initials & Logo Design

Lecture - 18 > Explore Design Skill

Lecture - 19 > Designing A Social Media Kit for Different Platforms

Lecture - 20 > Designing A Website Interface

Lecture - 21 > Designing & Planning for UI/UX

Lecture - 22 > Explore Design Skills

Lecture - 23 > Explore Design Skills

Lecture - 24 > Design Packaging

Lecture - 25

Lecture - 26


Ahsan Chaudhry

Your Design Coach

Creative Director/Brand Consultant

Brand Story Creator, Brand Strategist, Imaginary Designer.

Ahsan Chaudhry is a brand and marketing consultant who challenges assumptions through brand strategy, design, and communication. As a brand & marketing consultant, his approach is holistic, tailored, result-oriented, and seamless – an approach that attracts the right audience and delivers results. He helps businesses to grow more.

He has led the journey of many entrepreneurs, business professionals, SMEs, and extensive business groups in the national and international markets. Often quoted as a “Branding Genius”, he frequently speaks on brand communications, brand experiences, and successful brand story strategies that thrive in the emergent culture and outperforms the competition.

Ahsan is a branding and marketing partner of various consulting groups and launches a diversity of successful projects based on the personal magnet lead framework. This framework also helps to reinvent brands. From food to construction to healthcare, from MNCs to startups, he has a diverse portfolio of clients around the world. With 16+ years of branding experience and a deep understanding of design, digital marketing, advertising, copywriting, neuromarketing, and sociology, he has transformed 100+ businesses and has delivered 1000s of successful thoughts.

Ahsan is the Creative Director and Chief Brand Strategist of a branding & marketing firm “Stocktoc” and helps his clients to achieve unprecedented business results. He has a passion for three things which are branding, marketing, and creativity — and how the three work together.

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