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Marketing Tips for Awkward Brands in a Social Media Era

Our timelines on social media are flooded with different marketing campaigns on a regular basis. The majority of this content is from brands that fall into a certain category, creating a myth that social media marketing is selective. While certain brands may seem more in tune with trends, the diversity of social media audiences creates a market for all kinds of products and services to excel.

When you are at a party with beautiful guests, great music, drinks and food, there’s an open floor for you to mingle and network. You either grab the opportunity or pass on it. Social media gives you that sort of opportunity. What you do with it, in regards to your brand, is totally up to you.

Here are four ways to shake things up for an awkward brand on social media.

Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media might be an avenue to unwind for the average person, but to business owners, it’s a marketplace. If you want your brand to be given the time of day, you need to come up with a social media marketing strategy and work religiously to achieve your goals.

The competition is fierce. With many brands fighting over the attention of the audience, going to the battlefield without a strategy is a risk too big to take. What do you aim to achieve on social media? Is it to create brand awareness, make sales or generate leads to your website? Figure this out and tailor your marketing efforts in that direction for better results.

Create Interesting Content

It takes more than great looks to be the life of the party. Granted, looks can get you the attention, but you need a lot more to hold it. No one wants to be stuck with a bore when they have many options to make their day more fun. When you fail to tickle their fancy, they move on to the next person who can give them want they want.

Marketing on social media is a two way street. The social media audience wants to hear and see interesting content that gives them a relief away from the stress in their daily lives. Whatever content you create should be related to your brand and what you seek to achieve with it. Think out of the box. If creating a social video seems better than writing a post to showcase a product or announce an upcoming event, then go for it.

Infuse Humor

Your brand may not be like that funny-looking comedian whose mere appearance gets people laughing already. However, you could make it be like the comedian who doesn’t look funny but knows the right things to say to get people rolling on the floor with laughter.

Everyone needs a little bit of laughter in their life. With the right dose of humor, you can make people on social media pay attention to your brand. This technique was put to great use for a seemingly awkward sector like gambling. We saw some of the most hilarious betting commercials that we couldn’t help but fall in love with.

With humor, the advertisers were able to appeal to a larger audience and get more people on the train. You could take a hint from this. Humor is one of the marketing strategies that never fail to covert.

Be Interactive

Take away interaction from social media, and you’ll have a quiet room full of bored people. Interaction sets the ball rolling and sustains conversations.

Interaction on social media is a give-and-take model. When you put out content, pay close attention to feedback from your audience. If they react to your content, don’t ignore this: Keep the ball rolling by responding in line with their reactions. And when they post things that that conform with your brand, don’t hesitate to join the conversation.

Events on social media are similar to those in our physical environments; the major difference is the medium. Think of social media as a virtual market with real people. Appealing to people’s emotions is a secret to getting on their good side because you evoke a positive reaction in them.

When the most awkward brand presses the right buttons in people on social media, it becomes their favorite. And that generates leads in the long run.


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