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About Bon Vivant Palais Restaurant

Bon Vivant Palais is a place for exquisite food from around the world. It is the first food outlet of its kind in Pakistan which offers Continental, Chinese and Desi restaurants under one roof.  Bon Vivant Palais gives a stunning view inside and out. We teamed with several interior designers to give a unique theme, soothing ambiance and decor to Palais and each restaurant in it.

It features sophisticated elevators, highly trained and hospitable crew and open-air sitting area.  Bon Vivant Palais has a world-class Parking System for the ease of its customers as well. A large LCD has been fixed in the vast Parking Valet that helps them navigate the parking lot and find the parking spot for a completely hassle-free parking.

The list of Bon Vivant Palais eateries include:

Cafe Bon Vivant:
You’re looking to relax over a cup of espresso or grab a quick bite to go, Cafe Bon Vivant is the best choice to enjoy our selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, shakes, and coffee.  At Cafe Bon Vivant, we offer a large range of food and drinks throughout the day and make sure that you feel like eating a fresh homemade meal, prepared with care.

Rawayaat is one of the many chic restaurants of Bon Vivant Palais which manifests colors of local culture and offers Desi cuisines with supreme taste and quality. Our chefs use the best quality ingredients and authentic cooking style to prepare the delicious food that leaves you craving for more. You can sit back, relax and enjoy background music that complements your appetizing meals.

XINGFU serves the best Chinese food. You can enjoy an array of flavorful Chinese dishes that are sure to satisfy any appetite. The gorgeous exterior of the restaurant adorned with images and patterns bearing imperial dragons and phoenixes from traditional Chinese art is a treat for the eyes.