Mobile Apps Development

Stocktoc brings the best of the mobility solutions including mobile apps development and mobile game development in native and cross-platform environment. We are known for providing high in quality, effective, efficient and user-friendly mobile apps for business and enterprises. This has helped us in creating a specific niche in the mobile apps development industry. Modern tools require special attention to the challenges faced by companies. We will show you how your business processes have always been optimally under control.

Mobile devices through scale-able, machine intelligence, also from the cloud, defines the computing paradigm of our time. At the same time, it is also important to be open to new technologies and to always keep an eye on the literal sense of the word. For the mobile apps development.

Smartphones and mobile applications have arrived in the middle of our society. The rise of mobile devices as mass media generates an eruptive change within the landscape of communication and media. The challenge for agencies and companies is now to find new ways of connecting communication channels.

We respond with extensive expertise in these new and ever-changing requirements on technology and businesses. Mobile media isn’t a rigid concept of marketing for us, but a vivid sector with individual challenges for innovative solutions. These solutions have to be found within a dynamic construct and a specific context. And both technical and business needs, as well as user-specific needs and circumstances have to be taken into consideration. These tasks require detailed research, planning, design, and development. Therefore, we offer extensive know-how

Solutions In App Development & Game Development

We design and build great mobile apps that engage today’s consumers.

Business Analysis

We analyze your business objectives to propose the best mobile technology and features to suit your budget and timeline. Our experience in building hundreds of apps can definitely contribute to ensuring your product development journey smoother.

UI/UX Design

We visualize your idea with a clickable prototype that comes with a graphical user interface. Get notified for any update and leave a comment for each page of the prototype via Marvel. We believe in collaborating with customers can build a greater product.

Mobile Apps Development

We built apps with native SDK (Xcode, Android Studio) that provides the best user experience. Each app includes post-go-live support with the integration of Google Analytics, Fabric, and mobile attribution platform.

Backend Development

Provide scale-able and high availability of mobile apps back-end that can power millions of users. Also to integrate with your existing system for data synchronization –, CRM, ERP or any system with API.

Platforms. We Work For

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IPhone App

Apple products are a mark of sophistication and fine engineering and have risen head and shoulders above their competition. Apple’s flagship device, the iPhone, now in its 6th version, is a favored smartphone by millions across the world. A sleek piece of cutting-edge hardware, iPhone possesses the perfect balance between looks and functionality. With the increasing market share of Apple and the iPhone, the need for iPhone app development for the iOS platform has also increased. This provides a plethora of business opportunities.


IPad App

One of Steve Job’s greatest gifts to the modern generation is the Apple iPad – a tablet designed to churn out a powerful performance and ease out daily tasks by executing them with a simple finger tap. One of the first tablets to be launched, the Apple iPad has set a trend that many companies are finding hard to compete with. The classy touchscreen experience, the legendary rich iOS UI, cutting-edge features and the simplicity of use – all are a testimony to why Apple is one of the most popular mobile and computer technology brands in the world.

Android App

Such is the familiarity and the omnipresence of the Android operating system, that it seems eons ago that it was launched. Truth be told, it is one of the newest OSs to be developed and accepted across the globe as a stable operating platform. The rise in the number of mobile device manufacturers opting for Android as an OS base has also opened up a plethora of application development opportunities; be it for smartphones or tablets. Some of the most popular apps to be conceived can be credited to being developed for the Android platform.

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Windows App

One of the first operating systems to be used with the earliest smartphones, Windows is a household name due to its brand Microsoft and its ease of use. It literally opens up multiple windows of opportunities due to its business, entertainment, and productivity capabilities. The latest version, Windows Phone 10 is a state-of-the-art mobile operating system that has also been ported to desktop and laptop computers. Providing a classy tiled interface, Windows Phone 10 is all about easy access and convenient functionalities. A refreshing break away from the now mundane, desktop-based icons, Windows Phone 10 offers direct access to apps via colorful tiles. On touchscreen smartphones, the tiled interface of Windows Phone 10 is an alluring experience that many users prefer.

Mobile Game Development

We specialize in taking your idea, infusing it with a story to keep players interested, also roll out regular updates, and ensure high ROI. It is our team of mobile game developers that have helped us achieve this standing. Their cutting-edge expertise allows them to develop games with a social tangent and allows players to compete against real-life opponents in the virtual arena. We also are experts at mobile game porting and have considerable experience in J2ME mobile application porting as well as Android game development.

Discuss your project with us. We can help you with a better approach.